What do you think my dream means?

This morning I awoke from a dream:

I was with four other pledge members and there was a guy trying to get us to eat cockroaches.

I said 'No' and put the cup with the cockroach aside.

The guy said 'I will pay you $1 to eat the cockroach.'

Then, I counter offered to the pledge members 'I will pay you $100 to all punch this guy in the nuts.'

I whipped out my cash but there were only $50 and $20's and I would have needed $400.

Then one of the pledge members are one of the cockroaches.

I woke up.


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  • *Puts on mystic hat*
    Cockroaches might mean you are worried about something, the solution you came up with implies you have some kind of way of fixing it but you are also worried that it'll fail like in the dream where you don't have any money. Then you're fearful of unexpected obstacles like one of the pledgers turning into a cockroach.

    Are you going to college?

    • No. Not interested in pledging or college.

    • Okay, do you have a worry or am I completely wrong lol

    • I dunno. Not really worried tbh. I trust God.

      But just weird dream and upset that my fellow pledge members didn't punch the guy in the nuts. I would have paid them and plus $50 is still more than the $1 he was offering to eat a cockroach.

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  • Your dream means you're having bicurious fantasies.


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  • it means you only have 24 hours to live.


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