Why do people who get good marks in school get away with everything?

I used to be one of those people. I'd treat my roommates and friends badly and look down on them. I got away with a lot because I used to study and was tagged as being 'smart'.

I felt horrible and apologized every inch.

Interestingly I took 2 years off of school and got treated terribly by everyone during the time. And then people started being mean to me because I wasn't doing that well at school.

It made me wonder, does that happen to a lot of people? Students who excel at school who make themselves seem innocent, but really they're not that innocent.


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  • Well what I do know is that I can do basically whatever I want because I am first in my class. The teachers don't care, other students automatically assume everything comes easy to me and I never get suspected of illegal activities or subject to rumor like some of my friends.

    • Sometimes 'good students' in University, in broad daylight do something that's wrong.

      And it's like people just let them get away with it because if another person stood up to them, they're termed as being jealous.

      It's annoying because whether they're perfect students or horrible, no person in the world should really be allowed to get away with behaviour if it's flat-out wrong.

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  • People who are studious and relatively good students are seen as smart, so by proxy, as more of an asset to society. If you've got something like that to offer, most people will generally give you more leeway as punishing these 'good students' will be more detrimental to everyone, as opposed to punishing someone who spends most of their free time at the smoke-pit or similar places that benefit nobody.

    • You know the problem with this mentality is people go to University for different reasons.

      I know for me, I used to do super-well and then after my time off I just stopped because it was just too much. But I realized then, really importantly actually that even when i was doing well, I wasn't doing well in the quantitative stuff.

      Which is actually what is the best paying career-wise.

      So it's not that I was dumb or I just didn't care, I just didn't like the quantitative material as much. Doesn't mean I was a slacker or something.

      However some of my experiences with the 'good students,' who weren't really that much better they just performed better on the quantitative stuff... it's bittersweet.

      One of them tried to lower my self-esteem just because I didn't talk to him before he left class. I was like... how can stuff like this be tolerated

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  • It's called karma ! :-D
    Now it's biting you in your ass... enjoy you deserve it

    • Lol. That's what I said.

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    • @SarahsSummer dear Sarah they want for you :-)

    • *that's wasn't

  • because 1 they don't piss off teachers, 2 rarely do anything wrong and 3 actually work in class

    • Not true at all.

      In University, class time is pretty much endured by everyone. Performance on examinations really largely depends on how much you study close to the exam rather than actual intelligence.

      Let's say you're in a 4 month term of school. And midterms take up around a week at most of your time with a course.

      You still have all the remaining time to do what you want. And I often find that these 'good students' are not so innocent.

      Take me for example. I used to be arrogant and short-tempered with my friends, often times downright bully them just because I was stressed with school and sometimes because I wanted attention.

      Was that right? Of course not. I did it because I knew I could get away with it.

      Lots of people especially women are like that.

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    • on the contrary i take their defense, you were a pain to be around and they took revenge... i say good for them : they were right to do so

    • Some of the stuff they did, I don't think you understand the extent to which they stooped to get back at me. Yeah I was difficult but I helped them out... a lot. For schoolwork. And I never really attacked them the way they used to plot against me. I was just rude.

      Moreover they were jealous little weasels who couldn't stand the fact that I did better than them in school. All there is to it.

      This isn't really about me and them this is about the way that 'smart' people or really those who do well in school think that it's okay to treat another human being however they want to treat them.

      That's never, in any way or form, acceptable. If they want to hang out with people who they have more in common with I can understand. But no one is God, and they shouldn't be treated like that either

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  • I'm that type of kid and every teacher sees me as this inocent little thing. I can get away with many things (unless we are talking about the dress code). Because good students rarely do anything wrong, they can get away with a few bad things. Life isn't fair, we need to accommodate.

    • Ha ha bullshit.

      I think good students in University are really, really selfish. They use their friends think they're better than other people.

      And regardless of what they are as students, doesn't mean they are above acting petty or lowering someone else's self-esteem.

      It's really sad because they're difficult to pinpoint

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    • I don't know, I will never understand these types of people.
      Or when they treat you like dirt because they have a group of friends with them whilst you don't. (happened to me, I don't know about anyone else, but I can't be the only one) @.@

    • Ah i see what you mean. No it definitely is one of the reasons, it's easier for two people to attack you in comparison to one.

  • No. It's just karma catching up to your bad behavior.

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