How do I handle this work environment?

I work at a vet clinic. I'm and assistant. I will have been working there for 6 months on the first of September. I found out today that our clinic does not have a control drug log. No controlled drugs are documented unless we write it in the chart saying it was rx ed out. So there is no sure way to tell that our controlled drugs are being logged correctly.
I also learned that one dr has been imbesiling money from the clinic since day one. Sure he owns the practice... but still. Recently remodeled his kitchen and is paying off his loan with money from the clinic.

(My favorite that I found out a few months ago.) Lying to a little old woman for 2yrs about putting her animal under anesthesia because "it was vicious" That id an extra 148 dollars he gets from her by lying about putting the patient under for a treatment.

Wait, it gets better. I had to call a client for not paying their bill. When I read over the chart I saw that one doctor had falsified documents.. the cat that had come in was dead on arrival, I know because I took it back. I didn't say anything to the client because it is not my place to say, I am not the doctor. It was limp and not breathing.
According to the patient chart the doc had written "patient came in seizing. Tried oxygen and medication. Patient passed away in clinic unable to revive."
I was there that day I watched the dr.. she looked at the cat, it was dead. She declared it dead. Didn't do oxygen or anything. It was DEAD!! YET, she charged them for meds and oxygen she didn't give!!! Now charging them an office fee, I can understand that.. but not this.. not this way.
This place is dangerous and I was going to just keep head down and work.. but I don't want to go to jail! This place is sticky and unsafe! What do I do?
I don't want to loose my job I need it or I will loose my home. I don't want certain co workers to loose their job either. What do I do? Do I report this or keep my head down?

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  • Here's a thought. If you don't report them and someone else does, when they need a scapegoat who will they choose? CYA you can always find a new job.

    • Should I quit and then report or report and then quit? Report and stay?

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    • Who do I report these things to? I don't think it is a osha violation. Not to mention that osha would not care about the bullying or such..

    • It's a legal matter, fraud.

  • really yopu should report them, cos if you don't and someone else does you will be classed as an accomplice to whats been going on and it would ruin any chance you have in the future. Doe's any of the other staff you trust know whats going on?

    • The only person I trusted left recently.. I honestly do not trust anyone else in that clinic..

    • Then to me the choice would be clear, get as much evidence as you can safely and report the practice

  • Report it


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