Which of these floral names should we give our little girl?

We (me and my girlfriend) have a daughter on the way in five months' time, and we've decided that we want to name our little girl after a flower. We're looking for a name that's cute, lovely and unique, without being too freakish or weird; I've got a few shortlisted names, in the poll. What do you think of them- which do you think would be the best one? If you've got any other suggestions which haven't already been done to death (e. g, not names like Rose, Daisy, Holly, Ivy, Poppy, Violet, Lavender, Melissa etc), then please, feel free to put them forward instead.

  • Ixia
  • Jacaranda
  • Kalanchöe
  • Montbretia
  • Puya
  • Sampaguita
  • Zinnia
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Okay, fine. Here are some safer, less 'out there' options, which I didn't include in the poll initially for the sake of variety:

Jasmine (which Sampaguita's a type of anyway)

Would any of these be improvements upon the poll options?


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  • None of these make a good name... think about the fact that the poor kid is gonna have to learn to spell her name in the first place and then go the rest of her life explaining to people how to pronounce it, how it'd spelled and what it means. Don't do that to your kid!

    If you want a floral name, keep it simple with something like Lily, Iris or Petunia.

    • Lily or Petunia? Like Harry Potter's mum and evil aunt? No thanks. And yeah, she's going to learn how to spell her name in the first place, and explain how to spell it and what it means (IF people ask, which they typically don't). How's that any different to any name? And would a name that's only four or six letters long, like Ixia, Puya or Zinnia, present any more of a challenge in that regard than Iris or Petunia?

    • Azalea, Jasmine and Lilac are nice!

      And Daisy

Most Helpful Guy

  • The only one that seems more or less appropriate for a human being is Zinnia. I think that one might sound quite nice and unique without being too weird.
    As for the others... please don't.
    Ixia --> How would you even pronounce this? Would you pronounce the "x" as in "exit"?
    Jacaranda --> I guess this one works but it sounds like a black ghetto name.
    Kalanchöe --> Since this is a German name and I'm a native German, I would be curious how you'd pronounce this because the way it's pronounced in German sounds horrible for a human being. The "ch" is not a k-sound as English speakers often think, it's a velar fricative (like when you're clearing your throat). And the "ö" at the end is not an "o" as English speakers often think, it's an Umlaut, similar to the initial sound in "earl".
    Montbretia --> No... just no.
    Puya --> Sounds like a Spanish swear word.
    Sampaguita --> Will be too difficult for most people. They will just call your daughter Sam.

    • Ixia- pronounced 'ik-see-a', as a traditional Greek girl's name.
      Jacaranda- well, me and my wife are both half-black, and our daughter's going to be half black and less than a quarter anything else, so to say that it sounds too black isn't really an insult.
      Kalanchöe- there are plenty of different pronounciations for this, and the umlaut's optional- could be ka-lan-ko-we, or ka-lan-cho.
      Montbretia- why 'no, just no'? Not that it's one of the ones I was seriously considering, but still, I'd like to know why it's so bad in your opinion?
      Puya- Meh, fair enough.
      Sampaguita- Sounds like more of a positive than a downside to me.

      by the way, what do you think of the other, safer options which I didn't include in the poll? Would any of them be better than Zinnia?

    • Montbretia... it just sounds really weird for a person. "Mont" means mountain in French. It sounds like the name of a village or a mountain to me. I mean, you probably wouldn't name your daughter Kilimanjaro.

      And no, I think Zinnia is the best out of the flower names. Most normal flower names sound boring. Rose reminds me of Titanic and it sounds very old fashioned. Lilly (or Lily) is about the most stereotypical British girl name you could pick. It's almost like calling your son "uncle sam". So in my opinion, Zinnia is still the best. It's hard though... I just wouldn't name my daughter after a flower ;-).

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  • I don't like the ones you have listed below to vote on. The ones in the description part a lot nicer. Poppy being the nicest one you have mentioned above, the seconding Daisy.

  • Zinnia is kind of a cute name.

    For flower names, I like:


  • Just a suggestion but Lily, or Iris?

  • I hope this is a joke.

    • Why? Lord, why are people on here giving us more hassle for wanting to name our daughter after a flower than they were giving the girl who wanted to name her child after a Pokemon? I mean, come on- Daphne, Erica, Heather, Melissa, Myrtle are all names which come from flowers. What's wrong with it?

    • These are fine. Not the ones you listed.

  • My name is Lily and I have only encountered two people who have had the same name (different spelling) and I am almost 18


What Guys Said 3

  • What about a normal name

  • I like Zinnia the best, it's exotic while still easy to say.

  • Please give this child a human name and not a plant name!