Top 5 Favorite Nirvana Songs, And How Did You First Hear Them?

What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Nirvana Songs And How Did You First Hear Them


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  • something in the way
    heart shaped box
    you know you're right
    lake of fire
    the man who sold the world

    i dated a guy who was really into nirvana when i was in highschool... so i heard all of them.


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  • Lithium
    Been A Son
    Come As You Are

    And for a bonus favorite, Blew

    I got turned on to Nirvana when I must have been around 8 or 9 years old, my first album was Bleach. I had a few songs on a tape (recorded for me by my guitar teacher) as well, and then got the "From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah" album on CD.


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  • Come as you are
    Smells like Teen Spirit
    Heart-Shaped Box
    In Bloom

    I first heard about Nirvana, @Red88xxx, when I First got on Facebook back in 2010.
    "Come as you are" was the First song that I had Heard on the Radio, and since then, I was Totally... Hooked at the Hip with their Dip.
    Good luck and Great question, Thanks for Sharing. xx

  • 1. Dumb
    2. The man who sold the world
    3. Lithium
    4. Heart shaped box
    5. Rape me
    I don't know how I started listening to them, I think I just found them somewhere and listened to smells like teen spirit. I thought it was really cool so I listened to some of their other stuff and just fell in love with their music.

  • I heard them all from youtube. Since my parents never listen to radio like most would do

    My top 5 is:
    1. heart shaped box
    2. rape me
    3. all apologies
    4. come as you are
    5. You know you`re right


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