CANADIANS!!! What are your favourite songs from the band 'The Tragically Hip"? if you haven't heard of this band, you should check them out?

The singer Gord Downie has terminal brain cancer. they are playing their last show tonight, everybody tried to get tickets, but scalpers got a hold of most of them and resold them at the terribly high price. anyways...

this is one of Canada's greatest bands, I hold them up there with Rush, the Guess Who, Feist, and all sorts of other great bands around the world. it's really too bad they didn't become more popular then they were, they deserved it. These are some of my favourite songs, but not all part of their 'greatest hits':

The Darkest One:

The Dire Wolf (could not find a good video, now that everybody has cell phone videos up)

Are We Family

Grace, Too

well there are so many more, you guys post them!!


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  • Gift Shop and Something On are my favourites.


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  • Pretty sure I only know Ahead by a Century. It's a good one though.


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