Why do you think so many people who dish out negativity get angry when someone responds back to their negativity in a less than friendly manner?

I mean what do these people expect when they dish out negativity? A warm, loving response? It's as though they believe they are entitled to freely dish out negativity whenever they want and the other person is just supposed to sit there and take it without criticizing the unecessary negativity they are recieving or defending themselves from any insinuations. If they don't take it warmly they are seen in the wrong and the one with issues. Anyone else completely sick of the crazy narcissistic people out there who think and act this, especially all over the Internet. Or do you find these people to be ok?


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  • Ignorance and to get a reaction I'm in a battle with a guy saying racist things right now

    • He just basically came at you with racist remarks and thinks he's in the right? That's pathetic. What a clown.

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    • I just looked at that question and see what you are saying. It was good of you to say something and report it. That disgustingness has no place here or anywhere else.

    • Thank you and I agre it has no place at all

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