Do You Agree With This?

There are good people who make good decisions


there are bad people who make bad decisions, and try to bring down others.

Do you agree?


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  • Disagree. The moral concept of "good" and "bad" people doesn't exist. It has been disproven by science (look at the Milgram experiment for instance). All of us can act like heroes and all of us can act like evil psychos depending on different circumstances. We all have "good" and "bad" within us and they can come out in different situations.
    And I think we can all agree that everyone makes both good and bad decisions once in a while. It's certainly the case for me.


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  • Nah. That's overlooking all sorts of things.

    Here are probably the three most important things being overlooked here:

    • Powerful enough circumstances -- war, strife, tragedy, hunger, greed, and power -- can bring out sides of normally "good" people that are not just bad, but downright sadistic. (The old saying, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely", is a saying for a reason!)
    If you haven't heard of the Stanford/Zimbardo prison experiment, you should google it. It's SCARY what a bunch of otherwise perfectly normal, mostly "good" people were capable of, when they were put into certain roles in certain contexts.

    • Nobody's perfect. Every fundamentally good person makes lots and lots and LOTS of shitty decisions.
    In fact... Most good people GET to be good people by making a bunch of shitty decisions, and LEARNING from the results of those decisions.
    (Also... Lots of fundamentally bad people make a bunch of GOOD decisions, too. Often in a [sometimes very successful] attempt to cover up their otherwise evil intentions!)

    • "Good" and "bad" are subjective. You'll almost NEVER find a decision that's UNIVERSALLY regarded as "good" or "bad" -- in other words, you'll almost always be able to find at least someone on both sides.
    Most obviously, imagine courtroom decisions made by a judge. For the most part... No matter how the judge decides, you'll have one side who thinks the decision is shitty, and one side who thinks it's good. (:
    The same is true of personal decisions, and economic decisions, and... every kind of decision.
    So, in other words, it's misleading to even talk about "good decisions" and "bad decisions" in the first place -- because those are things that depend entirely on whose viewpoint you're seeing things from.


    I'm curious, where is this quote from? lol


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  • Disagree, you will find all the possibilities
    good/bad people good/bad decisions
    that doesn't mean bad people are stupid or good people are smart

  • Good is what u make it. It's easier. But easier is a different definition to another human


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  • Hmm yes I agree

  • I agree completely

    • May i ask why u asked this questions

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    • Np we seem to think alike and im not trying to be creepy or anything but i would like to get to know u a bit as i think we would get on very well

  • nope dont agree with that. There are good people that made poor choices too.

    • i agree, its all about finding yourself and learning from your experiences. Thats what makes you, you...

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