Those who hate Clinton AND Trump, will you be voting third party?

I've heard the argument that you shouldn't vote third party because it's a "waste" of your vote, but if we take every person simply not voting due to their hate for both candidates, they could definitely make a large enough number to mean something.
I understand the electoral college and everything so it seems pointless to vote anyway, but what harm could it do to vote third party? :)
(Posting in anon because I'm already anticipating political arguments and I'd rather not do that. State whether you will or will not vote third party and why, not "You should vote for TRUMP/CLINTON because...".)


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  • Voting for Johnson. The only thing keeps a third party from winning is people believing that they can't. In reality, however, this could still be useful. Johnson is probably going to the most votes for a third party since Wallace. The more percentage they get, the more the myth of "no other option" is weakened. If people saw Johnson get even 15% of the vote, that would send a powerful message that would affect the next election.

    Plus, people who bitch about Hillary and Trump but do nothing about it are asshats.

  • I will be voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party, I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. Those who say voting third party is a wasted vote, are just sheep of the establishment falling in line to vote for the candidate that will keep the status quo in the hands of the establishment.

    • I was looking into Jill Stein as well.

    • I've supported Jill in the 2012 election, and will do so this election. She's a honest and intelligent candidate.

  • When you know what you're voting for isn't gonna get elected, why bother wasting your time standing in the queue?

    • I don't think that votes matter because the electoral college is the one who officially ends the debate for who president is, so with that thought there shouldn't be a queue in the first place, right?

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