Aren't you not suppose to cross the white line in a turn lane?

So guy I'm try to explain this the best I can. so there this intersection in my city that forces you to switch lanes in the middle of a intersection in order to turn left if your not suppose to cross the sold white line that indicates a turn lane but it is illegal to switch lanes in The middle of the intersection so is technically taking a left turn there against the law since you have to break two of them to turn left


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  • What exactly is preventing you from getting into the proper left hand turn lane before entering the intersection?

    • A bus stop transient center they have there own light so you basicly have to switch lanes in the middle of the bus's traffic light to get to the left turn lane and there a sold white line the begins at the bus turns out I don't know if I'm explain this right there are no pictures on line but it's in puyallup Washington at the intersection of 104 st e and 30 ave sw your turning left on 104th

    • Sounds confusing. If there are ever any cops in the area you should pull over and ask. I still have issues with taking a right on red when it's legal but the sign distinctly shows a red arrow to stop. Like why even have the arrow if you can take a right turn legally?

    • I shall do that

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  • I'm not sure that I understand what you're saying... But here you can move into any lane that has a broken white line, and when turn lanes open up they start with broken white lines so you can move into the lane safely.

    • This turn lane they didn't start with that every other turn lane I do but this one is a sold white line that begins right as your passing through the intersection so your choices to get in this turn lane you have to either which lanes in the middle of a intersection or cross a sold white line to get in to the turn lane

    • Why can't you get into the left lane before the intersection, then go through the intersection, and then get into the turn lane? Do you have some kind of image that shows what you're talking about?

    • Unfortunaly there no online image I'd have to go to the intersection a take one. But there a stop light so the buses can get out and through there intersection are only 2 lanes right after the left turn lane begins but the white line is sold so in order to not cross that sold white line you have to go through switch in the buses intersection

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