Do you think women have more ways to express themselves that are socially accepted than men?

Women can wear the skirt and the pants, make up or no make up, etc. etc. you get the point.

I have a feeling that there's much more resistance from society to how a guy wants to express himself. When i grew my hair and my beard people did not really agree with me doing that. They said a guy should not be doing that. They say that a guy should be having short hair and be clean shaven.

Why do people do that? Why can't they accept how a man wants to express himself? Its like they dont allow you individuality.

I know that should not let others determine how i look but why must people speak against it?

I know some girls experience resistance to how they want to express themselves if they are not feminine enough for example, but there's more options to form a girls wardrobe from than there is for a guy. It feels like guys must always be simple and only girls could express themselves more detailed.

Im not trying to bash girls or anything if you think that, im just trying to find ways to express myself like how i want to express myself but people always have to give me shit for it.


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  • Just write some shit down that's best way to express oneself. Or get tattoo.

    • Im already writing a lot of stuff down.

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    • Yeah i thought about that too but i found it was not a good option. Maybe i just have to throw all my clothes away and start over?

    • If you have cash to do that then maybe do that. If you're in America buy clothes from places like Urban Outfitters everything they have is so nice.

  • Women also have to deal with the opinions of others, no matter what they do. Deal with it.

    • Yeah thats true.

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    • Being called a whore is not even a fraction as bad as people questioning your gender/sex, meaning the very core of your identity.

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  • Yes. But I'm satisfied with men's. We are expected to be blunt and honest, and that suits me personally. Sure, we'll never get a girlfriend if we cried a lot (ironic, since girls are often complaining about how men don't show sensitivity), but I know that when I'm emotional I prefer to be alone anyway. I'm not rational when I'm emotional. Best thing to do is wait it out, because it always passes.