Can I send this to a guy who I don't want HIM to be interested in me?


Uh.. I don’t know if this is awkward. Hopefully not lol :S

I’m sorry for avoiding you that day. It was rude of me and I probably shouldn’t have.

How are you? Hope your term’s gone well.

I deleted him from Facebook so don't know if he'll reply.


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  • Why do you want to send it?

    • I want to be friends or at least talk to him.

      I'm tired of being alone all the time

    • Tell him in person

  • Don't send him no message, if you not interested plus you deleted the guy on fb, you're very mean, stop playing with the guy emotion, leave him alone

    • I'm not mean I had my own reasons for deleting him.

      I just want to be friends. I'm tired of being alone

  • If you don't want his interest, don't send him any messages.

    • Why can't I be friends with him?

    • Because any messages from you will make him think you are interested in more.

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