Please help : how can I kmow if my boyfriend is dead or not?

Seriously he is in another country for a heart surgery and he refused to take me with him, he didn't tell me about the hospital's name or number so i can contact them to ask about him. I don't know how to reach him because he was supposed to do it yesterday, now how am i supposed to know if he's alive or not? I couldn't sleep, eat or because i'm losing my mind. He's not picking his phone or at least someone else! Should i travel and look for him in every hospital or what?

Thanks everyone, he texted me and i feel better now.


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  • Are you sure he didn't do that to fake his death and break up with you?

    Because it's really selfish of him to leave you in the dark like that. Isn't there a family member you can ask?

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    • I am glad everything is good :D

    • Yay hope he gets better real soon. :)

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  • R u sure he's not cheating on u in another country?


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