Tired of this place, I want to move abroad. suggestions?

tired of this place,i want to move abroad. suggestions?

so, as the title says im tired of being stuck in (Sh) Italy. i Always had this, lets say, desire to move away and re start my life. i'll be 28 in few months, broke as shit and without bounds. Oh, and of course, heartbroken (but willing to cure that for good in the good ol way IE fuck anything that breathes and dont care) - that seems the gospel when i wanna go away for good

Suggestions? any good country that does have a welfare and an immigration policy that doesn't involve being enslaved? sites where i can find a job from here and then move there without being screwed in the ass with a drill like dildo?
Finland & Canada seems to come to mind. Also, London although i dont like the brits that much (bad experiences, ya know)

Thank you.


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  • Canaduuuhhhh, friendliest people in the world besides SEA.

    • good to know. any good site where i can find more info about jobs or whatever?

    • This depends on each country, I have heard about jobstreet, LinkedIn etc.

    • will look at that, thanxya!

  • Don't move too far away from your family. It's the only thing I can say.

    • they can go fuck themselves with a cactus for me. thank u for your opinion anyway

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  • Canada is a place if you like Netflix and chill and every day. It's boring.

    London is nice, and I live here, if you wanna come then come, but If you insist on not liking Brits then please don't come.

    Switzerland is nice, really really nice and somewhere I'd like to live.

    France or Paris also seems quite nice.