Is it bad when a horse falls down from riding?

I saw this video of a girl riding a horse and the horse seemed wild I dont know why. She kept kicking it to make it go again until the horse fell and so did she. I laughed when she fell but are horses always like that or is it because they don't like that person on top of them? I got to say that girl is stupid.


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  • Horses can get pretty badly hurt from falling over and in races like the Grand National here, lots of horses fall over hurdles whilst racing, break a leg and get put down. She's an idiot if she put the horse at discomfort and risked both of their health.

    • Well it wasn't racing just horse back riding yeah that's why I said she's an idiot in that retarded video

  • I can't say without watching the video. There are many reasons why the horse might be misbehaving. And kicking the horse isn't abuse, I hope you know. That's a riding cue and it doesn't hurt them.

    • Well, id kick you in the face is that abuse?

    • Lol the rider kicks the horse in the face? If yes, that would be abuse.

      But a kick in the ribs? Horses are sturdy. Have you ever seen horses kick each other in the field? How does a human kick even compare?

  • It can be. If they break their legs, they typically get put down unfortunately.

    • I don't even understand why horse riding is consider a stupid pathetic sport more like animal ABUSE.

    • Yeah, it's really sad to know that's the fate of some of these animals. :-/