Cutting Herself?

Today at school my friend told me she was cutting herself. I don't know why and I don't know when she started. She told me it was because of someone and i don't know who. I need to help her but how? She made me swear not to tell anyone and she almost cried when doing so! I'm so scared that she might have tried to kill herself, seeing where the marks where. She told me she wanted to sharpen the knife so she could cut easier and i just didn't know how to react! Its stressing me out because i don't want her to die, but i can't tell a soul. Don't tell me to tell her parents or counsellors or something because i swore. She said she didn't want anyone to worry. What the hell should i do?


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  • Self-cutting is a way for people who feel they have no control of their own lives to be able to prove to themselves that they have at least a little control of how they feel. Professional help is needed. I think you should let her know that you can tell that she's having a difficult time, but that since you don't know what the problems are, and you don't have training, you yourself can't help her -- she needs to get help herself. Let her know that your concern for her is real and that getting her to not just feel better, but actually *be* better is why she needs to talk to somebody qualified to do it. But she needs to do it herself.

    You can take some comfort knowing that while her behavior is alarming and dangerous, she's controlling herself for now. Letting you know about her actions is a sign that she doesn't know what to do. Strongly encourage her to get professional help on her own because she needs it. But don't let friendship lead to her death. What she's doing is inherently dangerous and you don't know what's in her head. A professional counselor needs to know.


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  • Cutting is, at its core, about seeking attention, but the person may genuinely be dealing with overwhelming, negative feelings. Because she is physically hurting herself, it's important you tell her parents at the very least, if you really care for her. Her safety is more important that her trusting you not to tell, but at this point she can't see that. Do what is right for her as her friend.


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  • Well, you can only be there for her, try to "counsel" her and help her and give her advice. Offer your love and support. It's the best you can do.

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