Let's play a game. You can choose only one amongst these options?

Here are the rules:

1. You can only choose one option

2. The option you choose will be guaranteed to you, but the others will never be fully obtained

3. Option explanations

A. True love - self explanatory. One man or woman. They will love you forever and never hurt you or leave you. If you don't choose, you can still have sex, but you'll never find love

B. Super powers - any super powers you want. You will not be immune to injury or death however. If you don't choose, obviously, you'll never have super powers.

C. Immortality - self explanatory. You live forever. If you don't choose, you will have your normal life span

D. Wealth - all the money you want. And it never runs out. If you don't choose, you'll still have money, but you'll never have more than average

E. Fame - like Einstein or Mona Lisa level legendary. Everyone will know you for centuries to come. It can be for anything (science, sports, art etc.). If you don't choose, you'll be just an ordinary Joe... or Josephine.

  • True love
    Vote A
  • Super powers
    Vote B
  • Immortality
    Vote C
  • Wealth
    Vote D
  • Fame
    Vote E
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Most Helpful Girl

  • True Love of course!!! <3
    I'm just amazed to see that most women choose love and men choose wealth.
    Who would be there for the women that chooses love?

    • Yeah it's sad. We aren't all obsessed with money though, I promise you that 😊❤️.

      Anyways, the good news is, since in this scenario we are ignoring reality, you and everyone else who chooses love would have someone just right for you, 100% guaranteed ❤️

    • I wish we could always ignore reality XD

      It's good to see you again Love :)

    • So do I hehe 😊

      It's good to see you too 😊❤️

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  • I'd choose wealth.

  • super power: ability to project a powerful beam of concussive, ruby-colored force from eyes

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