I feel like I am wasting my life when I look at all the hot guys with lots of girls around them, can anyone help?

I am 19, overweight (but not that bad i am just under 90kg) never done anything sexual with a girl and i want to try experimenting with boys for a LONG time. No friends, just spending most of my time on the internet during the internet. Now i am here with my lazy ass doing nothing, while i see those tall slim guys with six packs who can fuck anyone i just can't help to feel like i am wasting my life because i know I COULD be one of them if i tried because i have been told i have the potential.

I really want to try doing sexual things with guys and girl as i am not definitive about my sexuality, i am starting uni next month and promised to join gym, but i feel like i wasted my youth. It frustrates me and makes me bitter, can anyone help?


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  • Your 'youth' isn't done :) Hurry up and you won't have wasted all of it, but the more you wait, the less youthful fun you'll have :p

    • Well i am 20 in March next year, so i guess it's not that bad.

    • nope :p get to work, then ^^

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  • Stop being so gynocentric... Those guys can't fuck anyone they want, but more than you