How to get over someone who doesn't even know your name?

I know this sounds silly, but I've been stuck on this guy. I think about him often and it got to the point where I'd wake up each day trying to find new ways to see his face (not in a stalker-ish way). Now, I'm really shy and even if I could find the courage to talk to him I wouldn't be able to hold a conversation without stuttering and messing up my sentences. When I //do// run into him I get this bubbly feeling that leaves me happy for days. I just wanted to be somebody to him (a friend--just SOMEBODY). Eventually I realize that even //that// task proved to be difficult because he seemed to avoid me after he offered to give me a ride home a week prior and I stood there in shock (he drove away quickly seconds after).

ANYWAY, I know he has a girlfriend and I'm not one to compete. I've tried to hate him because that seemed easier than liking someone who I can't even talk to. It still hurt. I just didn't know how much it would hurt until reality set in.

Today I saw him and his girlfriend and that's when it all hit me. I can't make someone love me, and I respect that and all. They seemed so happy, she was all cute and bubbly and giggled a lot. I'm glad that they seem good together yet I'm still here feeling numb. I know it's not too late to be his friend but it's kinda difficult when he's avoiding me. It's like I experience the same blow all over again whenever I see him now. The worst part? He's my neighbor. So I see him often. I know there will be others in the future but I need help getting over this one guy who, for all I know, probably sees me as that one girl the lives a couple houses down.

In the four years that I've liked this guy I've never felt so much numbness (not so much emotional pain. Just numb). Before, I'd obsess over him for a week before I get sucked into school and I'd just forget about him. Now, schools over and this is the first summer where I'm overwhelmed with this crush I have towards him. I just want that feeling gone.


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  • find another guy who's not taken, there are plenty of us out there.


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  • You are a typical teenager with raging hormones. You are just idealizing the guy you like. Your intense feelings for him will eventually die off. It may take few more weeks or even months.

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