Hey gagers, soon I will be travelling to Africa, is there anything I need to know before visiting Africa?


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  • Where exactly in Africa? Been in a few countries there.

    • a country in west africa, Nigeria.

    • I went to west africa as well. Not nigeria though. Expect to see a lot of poverty in some regions, people trying to sell weird things to you. I think you'll enjoy the climate right now, seeing it should be the raining season. Food is delicious over there, don't be afraid to taste local food! You won't regret it. And of course do all your vaccines before going.

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  • There is a high rate of HIV. Don't come home with it.

    • haha African women have a great figure but I will be sure to use condom. lol

    • "African women have a great figure"
      Uh, if that is what floats your boat.

      Know that there is a huge difference between Africans based on where they are from, pun intended.

    • no man I am not going there for women... I said that because the main reason for the high rate of HIV in Africa is due to unprotected sex.

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  • Take a product for the mosquitos !!! I heard they're hungry beast ahahah

  • Since you're going to Nigeria, it's pretty much just like being in the US in terms of cities and houses and businesses etc. It's probably not going to be very different at all, except for the culture.

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    • The better parts of Lagos may compare to major cities in the States. Enugu a smaller city had periodic power outages last time I visited. The village my parents came from does not have modern plumbing and was recently connected to power. Water treatment in many parts of the country does not even compared to the u. s. 3G cell network is pretty good.

    • I understand that. However, larger cities in Nigeria probably will have quite a bit of the same things in terms of homes and businesses and cars like we have in the US. I'm not saying every city in Nigeria will be the same but the larger ones that the Asker may visit.

  • It's an entire continent, where in Africa.

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    • That's barely even visiting lol but have fun anyways.

    • I will have like two days to myself.

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