What are somethings about yourself?

Hello! I'm bored (and in sort of a good mood) and figured there are SO many people/lives out there that I know nothing about. Y'all are everywhere! I find all these little things interesting. Here are some things about me:
1. My name is Melissa Rose
2. I'm gonna be a Senior this upcoming school year
3. I love Peter Pan and Neverland and all that
4. I love superheroes (THE FLASH!!)
5. I like helping people
6. I paint in my free time
7. I loveeee music
8. I play the guitar and write songs with that
9. I'm socially awkward in person
10. I'm terrified of driving

What about you?


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. My name is [blank]
    2. I'm gonna take this year off of studying while I work and apply next year.
    3. I love Skyrim cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/.../header.jpg Deus Ex assets1.ignimgs.com/.../...-exjpg-e95113_1280w.jpg and other such RPG video games.
    4. "I love superheroes (THE FLASH!!)" HOLY SHIT ME TOO!!! *high five*
    5. I like helping people when they are appreciative of the help.
    6. I make 3d models, work on my stories and sometimes draw in my free time.
    7. I love alternative rock, 80's, 90's and early 00's music.
    8. I dunno how to play musical instruments.
    9. "I'm socially awkward in person" - ditto for me.
    10. I love driving. I drive every chance I get.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I am in college
    I plan to be an EMT
    My dream house is a tiny house
    i don't want kids and no I won't change my mind
    I love traveling
    I love opera music
    I love my independence
    I have had my license for less than a year
    I am going to London very soon
    I also love classic rock
    I want Marvel to release the Black Widow movie sooner


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What Guys Said 7

  • I'm Michael, I like Drawing and Guitar. I like making things and I'm just about to start my third and final year of college for my apprenticeship 😁

  • My name is Julian and I love watching scary movies. Esp at night.

  • 1. My name is Coltrane James (Last name)
    2. I will be a Sophomore next month
    3. I was held back (I'm 16)
    4. I have four siblings. Two of each.
    5. I currently have no friends at home (Chicago)
    6. I have moved nine times in my life
    7. I have lived in six states.
    8. I have been to Italy, Spain, France and the UK
    9. I haven't ever had a close relationship.
    10. I am addicted to Jaffa Cakes

  • Cool I play gutar as well, I do fingerstyle and rock & metal stuff how about you?

    I am also a pilot (in training), I love animals and want to join in the efforts to protect wild life in Africa

    I sleep as early as 9 or even 8 pm lol, which is actually the healthier option

  • 1. My name is Jesse
    2. I like long walks on the beach
    3. Romantic candle lit dinners
    4. Long canoe rides with my bae along the Venice river while playing eloquent music.
    5. Making love to my woman after a long day of romance

  • looks like you and me have something in common, im socially awkward too

  • You sound nice can I follow you and message you


What Girls Said 2

  • I'm in college. I adore animals. I'm good at cooking. I like eating. I get sensitive sometimes. I don't like fruit. I hope to live with my boyfriend soon :)

    • I love animals so much I won't even kill a cockroach, but Ikill mosquites because they are annoying

    • @Markavia lol, pretty much exact same thoughts

  • I currently have a mini crush on someone who I shouldn't be liking. : D My mom would be furious if she gets a hint.