Why did my manager say this to me?

I told her Something interesting when I went to target to get lunch, she replies did you get a hot girls number I reply no and she goes then it's not interesting

Thanks for opinions


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  • She's basically calling you attractive, saying you could get a hot girls number

    • Really?

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    • Lol damn she's married probably has a crush on you then

    • No she doesn't like me like that

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  • Ummmm okay? Just remember "What they care about the most is what they talk about first." I'd ignore that comment and not think nothing of it. You obviously know where her head is at.

    • I really don't where is it

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    • It'll get you as far as used women who finally matured who is attractive. Not every women are like that though but in the USA majority won't admit it but it happens. Gentle men get ladies that are used. Bad boys get the ladies 1st.

    • Well honestly this is becoming less and less important in my head pretty soon I'm gonna lose the desire to get a girlfriend

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