Can the moderator of a web-site track your browsing habits over the I. Net?

Say I use this site... Who-ever runs the website or is able to see my IP. Can they somehow find out by deduction or just checking your page or something and get your IP address and then somehow... track your IP across the internet perhaps through a friend who works in an ISP?

I don't have any problem with GAG, but I'm concerned about other people. I've had to buy a VPN to mask my activity online recently because of overly snoopy people and I was definitely not paranoid. (for a fact).

Other people - as in other people from OTHER sites.


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  • You're making me paranoid. I may end up using tor for this site.


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  • Go through a good anonymous proxy or a VPN, and you will be pretty well hidden from the website. That's how UK can access US only web pages, etc. We can also access the banned Pirate Bay here like that.

    You can use TOR as well. It's an onion router, but it isn't to be recommended.

    There are things called tracking cookies and other types that try and phone home about everything you do.

    Your VPN should be fine. Make sure it changes IP and country each time you use it, as far as you can.