Does it make me messed up if ever since I was molested I have this weird thing for being dominated?

I was molested at a party the weekend before leaving home for college my freshman year. Ever since I've struggled with self-blame and a load of other issues but what bothers me the most is that I feel messed up because I have these conflicting feelings about being dominated. I think about it a lot. I enjoy it to some extent. But I almost feel like I'm punishing myself. Is this normal? Does anyone else feel this lost?


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  • I've known other women with that preference and history.

    You deserve a good partner who respects you. And what you two do privately is up to you and if it makes you happy, you deserve that too. Maybe if something shitty happened to you, you'd like it anyway. Maybe you wouldn't. That's okay too. We don't heal by becoming magically the way we might have been. Everyone dies with scars. That's okay. Waking is about continuing on and being good again.

    Enjoy what you enjoy. Don't feel guilty.


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  • personally I don't know. but it seems normal to be back and forth about such an situation. plus if that was close to ur first time being intimate with someone who Is to say you didn't already like it just hadn't tried it yet? I would say talk through it with a professional just to make sure ur ok emotionally and psychologically. I only say this cause you don't want this to mess up ur next relationship or moment with someone.

  • I would ask a professional


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