I like ti listen and enjoy playing and makeing music, but I dont have a lot of support when I play or make it, should I do something else?

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  • I can say from experience that you should continue to make it. When I started writing music, I was awful at it and went about it all myself. Despite me thinking that I was great, I completely realize my old stuff was cringey at best. It was rough when I first was told that by someone, but I kept at it nonetheless with a goal to get the people who hated my material to love it. Keeping it at it though, the more I improved.

    If you enjoy it, go for it. You'll improve the more stuff you make and the more you material you think up. Likewise, you'll then be able to develop your own unique style. Taking a break will damage the progress you've made. While it isn't like you'll have a 180 and become awful at writing, it will just certainly be a set back the longer break you take.

    You don't particulalrly need support to write stuff. You just need ideas, something to write them on, and the drive to go for it. It also tends to be that the better your songs get and the more passion you show towards it, the more people accept your songwriting and support it. If you show them that "yeah, I'm pretty good," then they have a reason to want you to succeed. The support will come later on.

    I know you like the electronic kind of stuff. If you are looking for a free DAW, check out "Reaper." (It says it isn't free, but I'm pretty sure the trial lasts forever.) Also, download free synths from online. They have tons! Get used to midi. If you save up a hundred bucks and are looking to write more typical rock band instruments, get Guitar Pro 6 (or something similar).

    GP6 is what I used as my main source of getting better. I've written classical, pop, rock, and metal songs on it before. After becoming fully invested in writing, I noticed improvement in about a year, with about a year and a half being when something clicked and I found my writing style.

    Point is, go for it. Even better, you are about as young as I was when I first started playing music at all. I've gone so far from where I'm at, and by the time you are my age, I bet you have the potential to go further (from an earlier start). Yeah, you may not be a song genius now with fans around the world, but if you keep at it, who knows what'll happen.

    Oh, and I dunno how much I can help, but I'm willing to try and give you some pointers on midi and songwriting stuff if you need it. Just gotta ask. I haven't written electronic, but I have written plenty of rock/classical songs and gone through my fair share of experiences.

    • Okay thanks, my problem is i dont have a laptop or pc yet. So im doing all of my music on a 2011 kindle fire. Its not an excuse but a limitation, for now. I should be getting a laptop soon

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    • Thanks man

    • Yeah no prob

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  • No keep trying man