Has any Non Christian done this?

Has any Non Christian actually read the bible before criticizing it?

"The saying I remeber as a kid you can't judge a book by it's cover."
To me this mean you can't Criticize a book if you never read it.


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  • I've read parts

    I like the bit where Jesus curses a fig tree and my Mum didn't believe it was in there, said the internet made it up, so I hunted around for ages in my room to find a New Testement to show her. She ate her words ^_^

    Remember: God hates FIGS, and the Westboro Baptist Church suck at reading comprehension and/or spelling :D

    • LOL
      I never cared for the Westboro Cult they break a bible verses lol

      Mark 12:31
      Matthew 22:39
      Romans 13:9

      They all say the same thing

      Love thy neighbour as you love yourself and I pretty sure the Gays are our neighbour and according to this picture they are there also www.plantingpeace.org/.../...2510_1058248604_n.jpg

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  • Yup a couple of times. As a matter of fact it is because I read it thoroughly that I no longer believe in it.

    • Care to explain please

    • There were many reasons, I couldn't possibly go through them all. But to summarize it, I feel it's inconsistent, sometimes contradictive and very vague. I agree that some of the messages it conveys are very positive, not all of it is positive though. I also find that religion just divides people and cause too much suffering. Most wars happened due to religion. There are so many versions of the bible that I wonder why god would allow it to happen in the first place. It has been modified far too many times for anyone to claim they have the "true" version.

    • contradictive if u mean the Old Testment and the New Testment then that good thing because
      Jesus came to full fill the laws lead by his Father Yahweh and do you want the rules of Leviticus still be around today I definitely don't

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  • I read bits in my quest for finding a religion to suit me. I decided that there wasn't one. I chose to take the parts of Paganism that are celebrations as opposed to veneration.

    I don't have any criticism of any religious books. That's all they are. Just books, written by a human. In most cases, probably written by many humans. No one can prove if the content is factual or myth.

    Until proven in repeatable analysis, I treat them as myth.

  • Yes, I did. Many times back when I was a believer. It was required annually at the school I attended. I attribute reading it from cover to cover to be the beginning of my pathway to atheism.

  • When I young and believe in that stuff I read revelations cuz I was naive enough to believe it foretold the future.

    The rest of the bible is very boring and horribly written.

  • I read the hole thing like 50 times and im know writing a 400 page paper disproving every word of it

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