I want her to be happy but I don't at the same time, does this make me a bad person?

i was talking to this girl for a few mouths then she stopped talking to me and she found a new guy within weeks i said i won't bother her because i want her to be happy but i can't help hoping that he breaks her heart because she broke mine... does this make me a bad person


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  • No, not 'A bad person,' @RyleyM, but perhaps More like A... Sore Sport.
    As Bad and as Sad as Life sometimes is with Giving us a Sour Ball and All, Accept it for What is Handed to us at Times. When one door closes, another will open.
    With this 'Girl,' who was Not meant to Be for you, someone Better will Come along one day, who is just Perfect for you and Be all of the Sweetness you will ever Need here, dear, behind the Mystery Door.
    Good luck. xx


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  • If you guys were just talking and not even official, then how did she break your heart? And yeah it does make you a bad person if you two weren't even dating.

    However, if you two WERE dating, then I don't blame you. I wish my ex a happy life, but sometimes I wish she'd be miserable for the rest of her life.

    • we wern't official but i wanted to be and i thought she did too we where allways talking at redlclious times like at 4-5 in the morning while i had to get up for school and stuff, we lived a far way apart and she wanted to meet (she asked me) we had a good connection, we had a lot in common her friend even messaged me one day to tell me that she was a lot happier since we started talking then one day she was offline for the whole day and since that day she started acting weird tagging another guy in relationship memes and and yeah i asked her about it and she just tried to avoid the question till one day i saw that she had tagged him again and it was the most recent comment so i just said "im done"and that was that we still friends on Facebook tho even tho she unfriended me on everything else but yeah

    • I'm sorry that this happened, but hey there are much much better women in the world. You'll find your princess <3

    • maybe one day, thanks

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  • That's understandable and I think most people would feel how you do.

  • No, this makes you human.

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