I dreamed about giving birth to a premature baby?

The dream: So, the dream starts something like i wake up finding out i was pregnant. I was in a hospital and i asked my gynecologist to run some tests and turns out, the test showed negative but the baby bump could be seen clearly. After the test, I ran to a friend ( this friend and i broke up on bad terms and no longer in touch in IRL), So i hugged her and we sorted things out. After that I went to a ceremony/party kind of thing where people were sitting and talking. I saw a VERY long time crush, he spoke to me and promised me a few things i don't remember. But it felt good. He was smiling and being polite. Later i came home and saw that my parents were mad at me because i am young to have baby right now and i didn't know who the father was.( IN real life, I'm 21, i have no boyfriend and i am a virgin). In the dream i tried to go over and over to remember if i forgot that i had sex with someone but no, I was a virgin but i was still pregnant. IN the dream, The next day, I woke up and i was in labor. I gave birth to a premature baby ( i don't know what the sex was), The premature baby was born in a sac and i took care of the baby and hugged. After a few minutes, I left the baby with someone and when i came back, they kind of dropped the sac baby on the floor. I don't know if the baby died or not. So, After this whole episode, i saw gold fish in a tiny bowl of water. Again, i held the premature baby and i said i love you and the dream ended.

Reality Check: I am 21. Virgin. No relationship. Wasn't even thinking about pregnancy or related topics before going to sleep. The friend in my dream and i fought and ended things on bad terms. The crush who says nice things to me in the dream, lives way too far in real life and does not know me. I love babies and somehow this particular dream stuck with me and i did not feel good when i woke up from this dream. I felt bad and i was in tears.



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  • Babies and birth in dreams generally - if not for a strong desire to have a baby - mean a new aspect in life growing.

  • Well... shit happens... especially in dreams.


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