Is it possible that today the humanity at large in this 21st century can gain guidance how our lives should be lead from book which is 1400 years old?

the answer obviously is "NO" if this book is written by human being but the glorious Quran is the last and final revelation of Almighty God which was revealed to last and final messenger, prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

the glorious Quran is the proclamation to humanity, it is the fountain of mercy and wisdom, it is a guide to the errand, it is a warning to the heedless, it is an assurance to those in doubt, it is a solace to those in suffering and it is a hope to those in despair.

the religion of Islam is based on the teachings of the glorious Quran which came into existence 1400 years back. many people know misconception that Islam is a new religion which came into existence 1400 years ago and prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the founder of this religion in fact Islam is there since man set foot on this earth and prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is not the founder of this religion but he is the last and final messenger of Almighty God.

the word Islam comes from the root 'Salaam' which means peace, it is also derived from the arabic word 'Aslam' which means to submit your will to Almighty God. Islam in short means 'Peace acquired by submitting your will to God" and any person who submits his will to Almighty God, he is called as a Muslim.

the glorious Quran is the last and final revelation of Almighty God which was revealed to last and final messenger, prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). for any book to claim that it is the word of God, for any book to prove that it is the revelation from Almighty God, it should stand the test of time.


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  • Yes, however you should notice the following:

    The church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints was founded after the birth of America, one of the newest successful countries. You see them chipper day in and out, maybe you shouldn't take the whole thing as though it's absolutely a fact.

    Religion causes more death than any other factor, save famine and drought.

    The only real problem I have with the Zoroastrian religions is that most of them are bigoted and hateful to a certain group of people. Judaism? Egyptians. Christianity? Anyone homosexual or really, majorly anyone NOT a Christian. Yes, there are some people who fall under these but are accepting of non-christian peoples, the fact of the matter is that there isn't really a need for hate.

    A majority of teaching in religious texts are good to live by. Though a few are a whole kind of idiotic. Fish? A sin. Pork? A sin. Seriously, I don't understand those.

    I don't wish to instill aggression in anyone. This is simply my personal opinion.

    • at least they had some reason for animosity with egypt. How about the various victims of they're genocides or just anyone thats not part of the god-chosen bloodline that happens to also follow the orders of the geocodal god.

      a lot of the sin stuff is simply practiicality for the survival of a tribe traveling a desert, in a desert unrefrigerated pork and shellfish will kill you.

  • Fuck Islam and the Quran

  • I think you certainly CAN take guidence from historical philosophy from ancient times, but only if you DON'T read it as dogmatic truth.
    Did the previous prophets get it all right? If not then why assume the most recent one did?
    Should you just never question or learn anything until the next one comes along?
    I say no, study and question the world.

    I dont have time to watch the video now, but it looks like it could be very interesting, so i'll be back.

  • Surely the older the book, the better. Study the Torah.

    • Why would older mean better?

    • @AEther
      If it's not the age of the book that's important, then why pay attention to a 1,400 year old book?

    • today is the age of science and the glorious quran has more than 1000 verses speak about science. part of this video lecturer speaks about scientific facts that were mentioned in the quran 1400 years ago and scientists discovered recently.

  • I will say this very nicely, fuck any religion. Religion spreads hate

    • why do you think religion hate? because Islam according to the Quran teaches love and compassion for every human being, no matter their religion.

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