How to make male friends?

what kind of qualities would a girl have for you to be attracted to her in terms of friendship and dating?

Im not directly shy, but weirdly enough im almost less shy when i first meet people rather than later on, unless we meet eacother quite regulary. I want to make more male friends, but i find it a bit hard since i have barley talked to them. In addition i know i can come across of as a bit reserved, som im aware that i problary have to "show" them that im avaiable and approachable.

Im chatty if people talk to me first, unless im really tired or in a bad mood. But like i said, i know i can come across as a bit unintersted.

So any advice?


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  • Have a friendly smile when you see a guy looking at you, it will increase your odds of meeting someone

    • well meeting people isn't the problem, its about getting to know the guys in my class. I never know what to tell them/ask them? any advice on what to talk about?

    • If it's a girl in my class I usually ask if she's finished the homework assignment or if she's ready for the test something small and stupid and then from there I would be like by the way my name is "X" what's yours?

  • guys aren't attracted to girls for friendships.

    • well, to a degree guys have to. Same with girls, i wouldn't be friends with someone you didn't like on any level. Im not sexually or romatically attracted to my guy friends, but im attracted to their humour or their personality. I want the guys in my class to like me, like/ be attracted to my personality

    • how is anyone to like your personality if you never show it. try talking.

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