Manual Transmission cars: Does it hurt the car if I park on a incline?

I drive a stick shift and im worried about something giving out and the car rolling and smashing into another car on the other side by accident.

I know a few things to do like parking the wheels to the curve, using the parking break and putting it in gear. I'm just worried that the parking brake will give out or something.

Is it safe to park on an incline? the backlot parking spot I unfortunately have is sloped. And I want to park it there for long periods of time.

Id say the slope is around 20 degrees or so


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  • Yes it is completely safe. Parking brakes are very rare to give out, and if you put your transmission in gear (1st if on an incline, Reverse if on a decline), it will lock your drivetrain up incase the parking brake fails. It won't damage anything, but the force of gravity is fighting the natural movement (forward or backwards) of the 1st and Reverse gear AND it has to fight the vacuum pressures within the cylinders.

    If you're worried about the brake failing, have a mechanic inspect the cables to make sure they're still good.

    • Thanks man, and if you have any other questions about manual transmissions and proper maintenance or use of one, just let me know.

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  • No. Its safe, I've been driving stick everyday for 10 years and nothing has happened to me.

  • If the parking brake gives out then having it gear will keep it from rolling.

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