Have you ever been jealous of someone/s?

I fee bad saying this cause I've never had any problem/s with my neighbors but I can't stand
their kids. Their spoiled do nothing but come and go never take out the trash, never shovel
the snow do nothing. How do I know cause when I take my trash out the father does it a few
minutes later, same thing when I have to shovel snow its usually the mother or father that
does it. The older son is 22? The youngest is 17 or 18? Before they could drive or had a
license they had cars. They rub it in my face cause I don't drive or have many friends and
for the life of me have no idea why the older one has a GF? He's not even that good looking.
Only has one cause he drives a better car then her. The younger one acts like a tool. They do
nothing but go out come home and repeat. When I was those ages I helped around the house
had jobs not these two. How are kids gonna learn anything if mommy and daddy buy them cars
or other expensive gifts and we all know the parents are buying their gas and paying for their


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  • Being jealous is natural, it happens to everybody at one point or another and there isn't much you can do about it. You can always just remember that they probably have tiny d! cks because most of it is shoved into their personalities :-).


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  • Yeah, who hasn't


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