If you was a desert which one would you choose to be and why?


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  • I don't like being hot and dry, so. Pass.

    • Lol their has to be some type of desert you like to eat at least? Everybody has a sweet tooth for something. lol 😀

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    • Um? You typed it in a comment as well.

      And you're capable of previewing a post before, yknow, posting.

      Just learn how to spell properly and your problem is solved it's not that hard.

    • Lol ok thank you. Im glad you told me the word was wrong. I swear I did not know.

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  • The Sonoran because of the beautiful saguaro and organ pipe cacti and the greater roadrunner and last but not least the sonoran gopher snake


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  • The Mojave Desert. It's good good roads and nice canyons with beautiful rock formations.