(Outlast) What do you think of Eddie Gluskin?

For those who don't know who he is, read this: www.outlast.wikia.com/wiki/Eddie_Gluskin

Read under "Story" and "Personality"

What would you do in a situation (guys) if he tried cutting your thingy down there. 😂😱


But besides all the eerie info, I personally find him to be an awesome horror game character.
He has an evil side and tries to act sweet in the beginning, but as it goes on he gets worst and worst. Also, he is sorta alluring in a way, that's just my opinion, haha :P

((Might give MHO if it's a good opinion and answers my questions :) ))


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  • Bought Outlast two years ago. Finished the game and haven't played since. The story isn't that interesting to me. I am excited for outlast 2 though.

    • I really liked the Whistleblower dlc.
      I thought the story was quite good for the both of them, I really prefer the dlc though, but that's just my opinion. Anyways, I am excited as well :P

  • Crucify him.

  • I think he is faking.


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