Do you think being able to cook is attractive?

As someone who can cook myself, I think it's insanely attractive when a girl can cook 😍😍

  • Yes, I find it attractive
  • No, I don't find it attractive
  • I don't care
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Of course it is.
    A beautiful girl will get a fair amount when she is wed. But a beautiful girl that can cook, well she can expect the following at least:
    2 oxen
    5 sheep
    2 lambs
    6 chickens
    4 eggs
    1 wagon
    2 chests
    15 measures of silver
    10 measures of gold
    40 measures of bronse
    100 measures of iron
    1 peacock
    3 diamonds
    15 other precious stones
    5 monkeys
    1 mouse
    60 rabbits
    1 chest of spices from the east
    2 tents
    3 camels
    1 horse
    4 donkeys
    2 lamas
    5 buckets
    2 pans
    5 bowls
    1 sieve
    4 pots
    20 utensils of bronze
    5 utensils of gold
    12 utensils of silver
    50 utensils of wood
    100 jars for preserving
    15 cups of wood
    10 cups of bronze
    5 cups of silver
    12 antlers from dear
    10 teeth from a lion
    12 bear claws
    4 snake fangs
    2 pro-George Bush bumper stickers
    16 pillows of various size
    10 sets of clothing
    1/3 a lizard
    2 mules
    1 boat
    2 carriages
    1 plot of land 50 cubits by 50 cubits
    4 brushes
    2 pairs of scissors
    10 lamps
    30 gallons of fine oils
    10 pounds of tea
    10 pounds of coffee
    20 pounds of wheat and barley
    30 pounds of vegetables
    10 pounds of meats
    15 measures of light cloth
    10 measures of dense cloth
    1 desk
    2 beds
    5 carpets from the north
    3 carpets from the west
    10 carpets from the south
    5 carpets from the east
    2 slaves
    5 styluses for writing
    100 sheets of paper
    10 pounds of animal bones
    the heart of a man
    12 buckets of water
    20 bottles of wine
    40 bottles of beer
    12 musicians


What Girls Said 3

  • I wouldn't date someone who couldn't

    • If a guy said this then he would be called "sexist."

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    • No I can eat right I just can't cook food there's a big difference there. I can make a salad or something but don't think I could make anything fancy and big

    • I am referring to people who can't use an oven/stove without burning their food

  • Yes, a guy who can cook, is attractive. :)

  • Not really attractive, but knowing the basics of cooking some meals is a good life skill I think everyone should try to learn.


What Guys Said 1

  • My cooking skills didn't really impress any girl I've dated. Then again, I never showed it off, with the exception of one night. We made orange chicken completely from scratch (slicing raw chicken breast, microplaning orange zest, squeezing orange juice, everything).

    I taught her every technique and the reasoning behind it. She ate everything didn't even say thank you.

    • That's when you hand her a pizza delivery card and kick her to the curb

    • She's long gone. Be careful of people that use. They exist, and might use you. It's not easy to avoid. Users can be great manipulators, because they adapt to their needs, which is to use, and they use by any means necessary.


    • That's why I'm avoiding relationships until I can find more mature girls