What should I do?

I have a few pins on my back pack, recently one fell off. The pin is really distinct and I kinda know no one else has it. Today I saw it in chemistry on a girls backpack; I was being really nice and asked her if she had found it on the ground she looked at me and hesitated she said no and then right after asked "why is it yours?" I stuttered at first but then said "I thought it was but you didn't find it on the floor so maybe I was wrong" she just said oh and I walked away. I guess I just don't know what to do, most of my classmates want me to steal it back but I don't know how to without getting caught 😂 I'm asking her about it again tomorrow, I know it might sound stupid but that pin means a lot to me, what should I do?


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  • I would suggest maybe you tell the principal, or ask her?

    If you did lost it have you checked your schools lost n found!

    Don't steal the pin, or do anything that's against the schools rules!

    Because if you do steal it, or even touch it!

    She can press charges, or get you suspended!


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  • Kind of fishy that she asked you if it's yours when she had just claimed that she didn't find it on the ground.. If she got it any other way, why would she be asking that? Anyways, she definitely found it on the ground, so I hope you know that she is lying to you. I don't suggest stealing it, I think you should tell her the truth and if she doesn't take it well then maybe ask a teacher what you could do.

    • Thank you :) I figured she was lying already which is what got me upset haha I'll ask her about it again tomorrow and take your advice of she doesn't give it back or lies again