How do you imagine the future of 30 years?

What do you think the world will be like in 30 years? Do you think we'll have serious issues with water resources even in first world countries? What'll be the problems (in your country) that the new/next generation will have to cope with?


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  • Since I live in America, and since census said by 30 years the majority will be nothing but Black and Latino, and the minority would be non Latino (whites)

    I'm pretty scared that we will all be the same color!

    • I doubt that that will happen.

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    • @Superchick123 okay yeah i was a bit skeptical when I said, "they're going to be brown people in the future"

      You're fight when you say more Bi racial people in the near future!

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  • War. Fatter people. less water. dumber president candidacies. Worse off global warming in some areas while other areas show less signs... War.


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  • Well id be retired nfl legend

  • My own business


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