Girls, would you date a guy who is shorter, lighter and weaker than you?

Not just one out of those three. But all of them.

Would you?

  • Yes
    33% (5)
  • No
    67% (10)
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  • Yes and as a matter of fact I think you're describing my boyfriend.


What Girls Said 3

  • Won't be any good at lifting me. But I could lift him. Lol. Yes I would.

  • If he is shorter, lighter and weaker than me he can't be above the age of 12. I don't date kids. #sorrynotsorry

    • Come on you are not that short, like 150 cm, to say this. I have seen girls your age who are taller and bigger (and maybe stronger) than me, and I'm not 12, but almost 25.

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    • And in 2 years of adulthood you think he can grow more than 1 inch?
      And why are you so butthurt that I'm not attracted to guys shorter than me?

    • I'm not "butthurt", but calling someone 12 year old if in case he is "shorter/lighter/weaker", is not nice in my opinion.

      As for your first sentence, you never know. See Justin Bieber for example. When he started at 15, he was just a little bit above 160 cm, but now he is like 175 cm.

  • man... you'd make me feel fat xD

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