Will you consider this lady crazy, or mentally unstable or?

she really needs counseling or would you have done the same what she did? I have this female coworker who is 38 years old. I have known her for 10yrs since I began working on this company she is a very sensitive girl who takes work problems by heart as if she was the reason of the problem, therefore she is always stressed and veyr often sick.
She is very religious.

There are times that as any company, the company could be having some problems and my coworker wants to make it better so she has told me, that at nite very often she prays for the company so everything will be right, and prays for other coworkers too. SHe believes that inthe company people are not with God beause we have back stabbers coworkers (like any workplace Im sure), gossipers and she believes they are like that because they dont have God in their hearts.

So today I saw her out of the office and into the bathroom crying, so I wonder what happened. It seems there was a office rumor that people talked that she became crazy, and she is some kind odd freak lady. WHat happened was and this I know from the own horses mouth, because she yesterday nite (when most coworkers were not in the office as it was after office hours but sdhe stayed working late, rub some oil in some walls, and in some coworkers desks, but she did it in a way to purifyi the office environment. from bad things to happen.

So today the office maid instead of being discreet she made a huge fuzz cause she found out oil in places she clean and started rambling about it by saying that that was witchcraft and there was a loose cannon person here at the office, the madi did not know who was the one putting the oil, but she started to make a big deal out of it. Well that rambling ended up in the ears of the General Manager and the GM had to confirm and verify what she heard so she went to the office surveillance tapes and found out indeed this coworker was the one who put the oil on some desks and walls. So this coworker was called...

by the Gm and another superior rank lady and got scolded for what she did yesterday nite with the oil thing rubbed in the desks and walls. Now this coworker told me that everyone in the office now knows what she did and she feels bad because now everyone will think that she is crazy, and a whacko. She told me that the GM and the other manager besides scolding her, they humilliate her and did not understand her, that is why she was crying beause she felt so bad about the whole..
situation and because she was humilliated and she blames the office maid for making a huge deal and went rambling then she discovered the oil, instead of being quiet and just wipe and clean the desks and walls and stay quiet without complaining. The oil rubbed was not much liek dripping anyway was just rubbed on the places.


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  • Seems like someone takes religion to extremes... If she wasn't religious.. this wouldn't be a problem.


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  • I can't really comment on what she did, she is devoutly religious and thought it would help and I am not religious at all, so my opinion on that matter is one that's irrelevent.

    However, the general manager is extremely out of line! I mean extremely. This is a private matter between a worker and her boss. The maid saw a problem, yelling wicthcraft was unprofessional, she should've gone to the manager and just said "someone is doing something wrong". Check tapes. See who it is. Talk to her quietly and ask why. Go from there. To humiliate and tell an entire office? That's bang out of line.

    However, her religious beliefs are her own, to basically force them on others like that is wrong to me. If I know someone prays for me, it's a nice thought but I say nothing of it, if they come up to me and put oil on me and say "this helps" I'd be quite offended.

    • That is what the lady told me, the office maid said out in front of some people in the morning that sh discovered some oil here and there and comment like in any conversation that it seems like witchcraft and she added ohh probably there is a crazy lady here at work, so her words ended up on the GM ears so she went to the IT department to check it out with teh tapes who was the one responsible therefore this coworker was scolded and this coworkers believed that now the entire company may have found out what happened as probably the rumor got spread., cause we are just 25 coworkers.

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    • The lady told me that beacuse people did not undertstand her actions she believes the office lacks of God. I mean we dont know the religions of others but neither one would have thought of making a small ritual at their own workplace, not the place to do it so anyway.

    • This is true. And she doesn't know their religion and I think she should seek help from a priest or whoever she sees at her place of worship and talk to them.
      How she acted was not appropriate.

      It's just one big mess.

  • not crazy. just because she believes things you can't comprehend. as for people being crap for not having God in their heart, that is a truth that very few admit/know. anyway, instead of being judgmental be supportive... .

    • Just because someone doesn't believe in god doesn't mean they can't comprehend it. And a person is not crap for not having god in their hearts.
      Perhaps don't be judgmental and be supportive of those with differing beliefs.

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    • @bbch25 The thing about the post is not that the rest of the coworkers are not religious or are religious, maybe they are religious but they would have not done what this lady did cause it was not the right place to do it so anyway, your workplace!!! I mean I know the lady try to do a good thing, since she was concerned the company is not doing good so she just pray that good things will come and thought that maybe this small ritual could help in a way, she never thought she was going to get caught and being scolded and being humilliated and called she was a crazy person to have done what she did.. I think it was not the place to do this ritual anyway. Maybe some person told her that she had to do this ritual at the same place where things are not doing good or at the desk of a person who is not doing right in the office.

    • @bbch25 never insulted your intelligence. see how your heart seeks to find evil in my words? thats a sign where you personally stand spiritually as well. you can have 3000 IQ for all i know, but when facing the Infinity it won't do you any good. thats why i talked about the two forms of human knowledge. one discoverable and one gifted/ experiencable.