Best dream you've ever had?

I mean like at night (not "hopes and dreams for the future", but actual dreams).
Yes, I know there are two past threads for this, but one is 7 yr old and the other 3 yr old, so I think we'll be okay...

welp, been 15 hours and only 4 answers (avg. 1 per 3.7 hours). These answers are quite the unusual streak. I believe that this streak might be an outlier. In any case, I need more answers, so I'll entice y'all with MY favorite dream. Except I won't reveal its entirety until someone posts another answer... :3

There I was, in the Land of Oz. As I walk outside it is revealed the painted "walkways" were the areas w/ most car traffic. Suddenly I become lucid and decide to complete my goals: SHM...
Well, nobody seems to be eager... perhaps I should reveal at least one of the goals...
So I first tried out "S". I shouted: "Subconscious, show me something hilarious!" And Lego figures appeared dancing, mirroring the final scene of The Lego Movie. I was really entertained, so I then demanded, "Inspire me!" The sun passed over as mounds of block formed into the shape of a question mark, and I felt warmth wash over me.
After this I then remembered... I wanted to visit the ocean depths too...


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  • Before I went to Europe for a month I had a dream one night that I randomly spotted Norman Reedus at a pub in Copenhagen. Went over to say hi and tell him I'm a huge fan and stuff and as we were chatting Steven Yeun walked up and I was like holy shit no way! I am a huge fan of them both and they were every bit as chill as I assume they are. My buddies were playing pool and Norman and Steven and I went and chilled by the pool table chatting it up with them and we all had a blast and took a bunch of pictures and stuff and the was just super chill and super fun.


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  • Ok ok!! So it was, one late evening, I'm watching tv as usual. Binge watching some lost or something. And a knock on my door happens. It's the girl I love A. K. A my best friend. Nothing out of the ordinary the usual. Though usually she would alert me via text. So she comes in super excited she just got the job she's Been going on about for weeks. Pizza on the ground and some hard lemonade in hand.

    "Grab the pizza" she says as she enters the door kissing me on the cheek as usual.

    Hours go by. Tv show after tv show, laughing, just good ol regular hanging out.
    "I'm gonna go grab a shower" she says as she stretches and stares at me. "Ok cool" I'll grab your stupid towel" I say, knowing what that look meant.

    Briefly go to the room, come back towel in hand and get nearly tackled against the wall, with the softest warmest press on my lips from hers over ever felt, breath of strawberries... And then My alarm clock woke me up.

    I escaped my friendzone in my dream/ just to wake up at the good part. 😭.


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  • I was making out with my childhood crush, and it felt crazy real. When I woke up I felt like it actually happened and I was super awkward around her at school lol.

    • Lol been there man!! Teen years are so fucking awkward

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    • Lol asker It was the only part that felt real. Probably because I was a virgin so my mind couldn't imagine what it feels like.

    • @Sara413 whoops. answered wrong guy.

  • Chilling with my crush...