What makes a guy a good father?

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    For me, absolutely every single thing in this list applies to both "good father" and "good mother". I actually don't draw ANY necessary distinctions between the mother's and father's roles, other than the obvious physical ones (nursing, etc)... probably because I was raised by a single/widowed father from the age of 2, and never had any living mother/grandmothers/aunts to look up to.

    In any case... A good father OR mother...

    This is a BIG one. If there is one thing children ABSOLUTELY look to their parents for -- whether they admit it or not -- it's consistency.
    If parents are on one side of the fence today and the other side tomorrow... or if they never seem to have the same rules... or if they're always going back on what they said... or (for 2 parents) if they can't agree with each other and present a united front when it comes to decision-making... then kids will VERY quickly lose confidence in them.
    Really -- Even if a kid resents consistent discipline, she/he REALLY, subconsciously, doesn't. She/he NEEDS that consistent presence and discipline in her/his life, because it sure as hell isn't coming from ANYWHERE else.

    • Doesn't play favorites.
    This includes the obvious -- there should be no clear favoritism of one kid over the other (s) -- but, also, there's basically no reason to raise girls differently from boys just because they're girls.
    One of the biggest reasons I've grown up to be a winner at life is because my own father raised me EXACTLY like he raised my brothers.

    This goes without saying... but, if you say you're gna be there, you be there. End of story.
    A genuine emergency every once in a while is excusable; anything beyond that really isn't. Yr mouth shouldn't write checks that you can't cash.

    • Thinks about the long-term value of decisions.
    A good parent doesn't just try to "fix" or "patch up" situations as quickly and painlessly as possible. She/he thinks about what sort of resolution is going to teach the kids the most, in the long run, about how life works -- even if that's a lot more trouble in the short run.

    • Is ALWAYS the adult in the room.
    The parent should NEVER "flip out" or "go crazy" or lose control of his/her emotions. (This doesn't mean that a mother or father shouldn't cry... we're all human.) In ANY interaction, it should always be immediately clear who's the parent and who's the child.


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  • Unconditional Love. We are all capable of it even if it isn't the driving force that leads us. In all honesty the vast majority of dads now a day think or at least act as thou their part is done when Jr was squirted out , with single parent house holds at record levels real honest to gosh dads are like hens teeth lol


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  • First of all, if he loves his children and takes care of them. If he respects them. If he teaches them what is wrong and what is right.
    If he's always there for them. If he's patient and caring.
    And so many other things...

  • someone loving caring good role model pays attention etc


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  • good nurturer
    emotionally and physically available
    a teacher
    ... most important just setting a good example