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"You can't hate yourself happy, You can't criticize yourself thin, You can't shame yourself worthy. Real change begins with self-love and self care."


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  • 'Tis true. I've actually struggled with quite a lot of self-loathing for a long time. As an aspiring musician and artist, I find myself being critical of myself all the time, thinking that would make me better. But then I learned that I was critical of every single step I took, which actually unmotivated me and made me unproductive. It is VERY important to have self-love, but I believe you MUST balance it with introspectiveness and self-evaluation, or you'll just be as unproductive as if you were in a self-loathing state.

    • So true. What an awesome story you have, thank you for sharing! Very inspiring :) keep up the hard work

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  • Bullshit!
    Never ending self critique and evaluation is key to self-improvement.
    Irrational "self-love" just turns people into a blob of unmotivated jelly.

    • I see what your saying and I agree to some extent but I do think without being able to love and accept yourself, you will break under the pressure you put upon yourself. There needs to be some measure of self care. Just my opinion of course :) thanks for sharing yours!!

    • Well you better make sure improvements are coming faster than you can find new things to nitpick on then :3
      Kinda like... running away from lava lol

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  • Tha is some truth right there!