24 y. o and just now bettering my life?

24 [F] been living with my mom, and has been dealing with a toxic family forever.

I am working 2 jobs, and sleeping in my car... until I save up enough to move out of state for a job. I will have near $5,000 in December which is approximately 90 days away. I have a 90 day check list in my car and is checking off each day I make it through. I will sleep in my car for 2 weeks out of the month, and get a hotel for the other two weeks to save money.

I am also studying to take my GED which will be taken in October.

I just been through hell these past few years. I feel late in life, everybody in my mom's neighborhood, I feel look down on me and like a creep because I stay to myself and these past few years I been living with my mom with odd jobs. I feel people think I'm slow or unable to make it on my own. I know that 4 months from now once I move to Philadephia which is 700 miles away from here. I know I will never see these people again and they won't show up in my new life. But I feel like a loser still. My neighbor is 27 and she has had her own place since 22.


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  • There is nothing wrong with what you're doing. Maybe things took longer than you expected, but you're still trying and working towards your goals, which is great. Keep pushin' and you'll get to where you want to be.

  • I'm 24 and still stay with my mom and it's not weird it's expensive out here... who said there was a time limit to accomplish things? You have a car some people don't have that... just keep working and saving and it'll work out just never give up

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