Is the fiat 500c a good starter car?

My dad said he's getting me one for my 17th (legal driving age)... Is it a good car? I want a cute, glamorous and girly car x


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  • Don't get a new car as a first car. Chances are you'll bang it up at some point. Get a beater , learn the ropes , how to maintain your vehicles , the basics.
    After that move to the car you really want.

    Let say if you backed up into a telephone pole when you're driving a corolla. No big deal. It adds character.
    If you backed up into a tree with your dream car , it's time to face your fear and RELEASE YOUR TEARS! KACHINK $$$$$$

    • What if I got a used fiat?

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    • Huh?

    • In short. Cute car but italian reliability.
      In other words , it'll break , a lot.

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  • Insurance for youngsters is insane. It is likely more than the car payment if the car is new and you get full coverage.

  • It looks fine, I mean it's definitely a cheaper car but what do you want for your first car the insurance would be mental if it was an expensive car.

    • A fiat 500 haha x Is the insurance a lot on that car?

    • No that's why I'm saying it's a good car the insurance will be cheap. A more really good looking car would be way more expensive and for a 17 year old I can only imagine the insurance would cost a bomb.

    • Ohhh okay thanks xx

  • Honestly, I would take any car that is not going to fall apart while I'm driving. ESPECIALLY if my parents where to buy one :D


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