Girls, have you ever been catcalled before?

  • Yes
    93% (50)
  • No
    7% (4)
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  • Ugh. Since I was 12. So about half my life now. To this day, I have not liked it

    • I've seen you around before. You get hit on like almost everyday right?

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    • Are you really looking forward to getting old just to look more unattractive to get attention? If so that really sucks because we're both still young and we need to enjoy our 20s because we'll never go back... but I do get what you're saying and I feel for you. I'm not only sorry for your treatment by these guys but also the guys who ruin it for guys like me where I struggle to approach women just because I'm afraid she'll spazz out on me. I don't think you're a terrible person at all, you're just jaded from bad experiences with men so you have a certain perception of them when they approach you. I must also admit that most men do want sex. We do want a nice loving girl with an amazing personality IF we're looking for a relationship but eventually we'll want sex too. It's tough for both genders... you know just to let you know, I've been catcalled a couple times too lol it is annoying since I just perceive the girls as sluts. It's wrong to judge but I can't take a woman who...

    • Approaches me like that seriously. I'd have many things running through my mind making me curious.

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