I used to be a bum, depressed and a loser?

24 [f] just now getting my life together... but all of my family and other people know me as being a bum.

I'm pulling myself up, has gotten away from a very toxic family, and doing a lot of reading.. . will seek counselling for further healing. But as of now, I'm just taking it step by step, my appearance has gotten better, and I'm trying to get a normal life for myself.

Nobody wants to accept that i was depressed, they will rather make me feel like this is who I wanted to be my whole life.

How do I just get over that?


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  • You need to cut all ties with the people who are toxic to you. As for depression, you just need to deal with it. Think deeply on what caused you to be depressed and then you figure out how to go from there. I am currently depressed right now due to certain events that happened in the past year and I learned a lot about myself and how to move forward. It's not as bad as it was a couple months ago but take it day by day. Some days are really hard to get the motivation to get out of bed and that's the time where you prove to yourself you have the willpower to keep moving forward, no matter how many times you fail.

  • Toxic people will make you depressed. Congratulations. It will keep getting better.

  • Your point is?


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