Can a teenager adopt a dog?

So recently my parents decided that we can get a dog. My dad wants to pick out the dog because he wants a "manly dog". The thing is he's super indecisive. He went out and bought dog food, leashes, collars, and toys but he still hasn't picked a dog. He's been searching online for weeks and we've been to over a dozen shelters in my area. Everytime we go to a shelter he finds a dog he likes and then he changes his mind and so we leave. So I started wondering if I could just get the dog. I'm the only person in my family who really wants a dog and I'm most likely going to be the one taking care of it. The thing is I don't have any money for a pet store puppy and I don't like puppy mills, and I can't get a dog from a shelter around here because I'm not 18 yet. Is there anyway I could get a dog.


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  • Do you live in America. Cause once you turn 18 you can buy a shotgun

    So im guessing dog ownership should be allowed by 13?

    Or does something seem odd here?


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