Finally finding a guy that treats me the way I've always wanted?

I finally found a guy that treats me the way I've always wanted a guy to treat me but we can only be friends, since he's leaving in some months and he has a girl waiting back home for him, even though right now he's single, I do not have feelings for him but we've have some very intense days seeing each other every day, he isn't my type at all but he's just like an angel, I'm scared I might fall for him, he's everything I've always wanted in a guy personality wise, I was recently broken hearted and he appeared in my life just on time when I was losing all hope, I just don't know what to do, why am I so unlucky in love? Should I still see him or walk away? I can't have him forever but being with him feels so right, I'm so scared, I really don't wanna get hurt again, opinions? Thanks in advance!


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  • walk away he has a girl the end
    hope is a good thing except false hope

    • True, I'm just trying to keep it together and not fall in love with him but I don't if I'll be able to

  • Blow him and see if he still wants to leave.

    • Even if he wanted to stay he wouldn't be able to

    • Bullshit. A good BJ will make any man stay.

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