Have you played the Mass Effect series? Did you like them? Anything you hope for in the new one?


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  • I have. I played them all through again just last year. I plantinum'd them in the process.
    They did well enough on them that I have nothing additional to hope for except I would like space battles. If there's an advisory on pirates in the area, you may get attacked by them. The last games just had the advisory. Though, I suppose the ship was stealthy. Still, it would be interesting to have them.
    Or at least have missions that include that.

    I haven't been keeping up with the next one, so I don't know what they've revealed and what they haven't.


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  • I've beating them all and have them all, wish theyd make them longer and have tali in the new one, also hated how they copped out on the ending

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