What Is A Reasonable Amount Of Rent For Me?

I am 23, and I will be moving out on my own soon. In my area, I am looking at apartments... and the decent apartments range from $700-$850 a month in rent. However... I am just wondering... is that suitable and reasonable for me?

Here are other factors to keep in mind, on top of my rent:
I will be paying $112 a month in student loans
-I will be paying $107 a month in car insurance
-I will be paying $83 a month for my cell phone

Then there's other factors - like internet and utility bills.

As of right now, I am making $32,000 a year and brining in $2400 a month (in the next year, my salary will be raised to $40,000)

So... would it be a good idea to get an apartment that has $700-$850 in rent. Is that too much money?

It seems like a lot to me... but I see people my age, they are making just slightly more than me... and they are paying 1000 or more in rent, have dogs and cats, etc. How is that possible?



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  • Is there someone you could split rent with? A roommate would help immensely! You could afford it, but it would be very hard to save or do fun things.

    • I don't want a roommate lol. I'm tired of the roommate thing. Had one in college.

    • Well you COULD do it. But things will be hard for a long time.

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  • seems about right but you could do with a better phone deal and always have a rainy day fund as well. one car problem could send you into debt if you aren't carefull

  • If your a grown ass man with a college education what the fuck are you asking for you should know already.

    • Lol... you act like I've lived on my own before. I lived in a college dorm before and with my parents that's all. Just because I have a college education doesn't mean I know all that there is to know about the world -_-

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    • I've been supporting myself since age 16

    • so I've been a man since age 16

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